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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that 284 million people use drugs worldwide in its World Drug Report 2022. According to the data, India has one of the largest opiate markets in the world. India's youth are among the groups most impacted by the issue. More than 60% of all illegal narcotics found in India come from Punjab. According to a poll, most addicts are between the ages of 15 and 35, and a large percentage of them are unemployed.

Misuse of drugs poses a serious risk to society. The chance of unintentional harm, accidents, domestic violence, health problems, and mortality increases with drug misuse. Drug addicts' ability to make money is severely limited. Either they are unable to enter the workforce or, if they do, they depart the company with absenteeism and other issues. Personal relationships are affected, as are those with family, friends, and society. In drug users, low self-esteem and despondency can both influence criminal behaviour and even suicidal thoughts.

Because of everything mentioned above, it is crucial to establish a Nasha Mukti Kendra that is helpful and completely functional to help individuals in need. Here's where a well-known facility for addiction recovery comes into play: Foundation for New Generation Care. We are recognized for our never-ending efforts to help alcoholics and drug addicts in order to better society. Here, we use the information and experience we've gained over the years to better people's lives. Additionally, Nasha Mukti Kendra like ours is always striving to make a meaningful contribution to society by helping people who are battling addiction.

Rajbir Singh established the New Generation Care Foundation in 2000; it is mostly based in Patiala, Punjab. However, we are committed to offering the greatest support and care for drug and alcohol addiction to people in North India. In this endeavour, we have already aided numerous individuals in overcoming these challenges and progressing toward worthwhile and significant lives.

What makes us the best?

In our efforts to assist people in recovering from addiction, we recognise that while the majority of people think that addicts have a choice, they truly require expert assistance because addiction is a chronic disorder. It is crucial to understand that drug addiction affects families as well as drug users in this situation.
We also know that they go through financial hardship, struggle with social implications, and experience psychological anguish. We collaborate with the patients to help them overcome their substance abuse-related struggles and lead fulfilling lives.

Alcohol addiction Treatment

With the help of expert doctors and unique expertise ways and techniques of treatments here at New Generation care we are intend to cure drug addicted persons who are addicted to various types of drugs, so we are providing best nasha mukti services in Punjab, Haryana, himachal Pradesh and jammu Kashmir.

Drug addiction Treatment

As western styles are being highly transforming the youth of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and other states and the youths are becoming day by day addict to these drugs, we at New Generation care are working hard to transform drug addicted people to de addiction by giving them healthy treatment and lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Here at best nasha mukti Kendra in Punjab we have expertise and specialized team of doctors who follow dual diagnose treatment, drug addicted patient at this stage is suffering from mental illness, sickness, comorbid substance abuse problems. We here at best de addicted centre in Punjab hospitalize patients who have great dependency of drugs and are in depression

Addiction Treatment

As due to modernization drug addiction is raising in a tremendous manner and drug addicted youths graph is raising in Punjab, Haryana, himachal and jammu Kashmir, we here at best nasha mukti Kendra giving treatments to drug addicts, as these drugs generate high amount of energy which leads to high blood pressure and various other diseases, so at government approved best nasha mukti Kendra in Punjab, Haryana, himachal and jammu we are giving best treatment and de addiction therapies which leads to drastic changed behavior of person.

Detox Treatment

New Generation care is providing best Detox treatment to drug addicted perople in north India, till date 4600 drug addicted patients are transformed to de addiction and this leads to best nasha mukti Kendra in Punjab, Haryana, himachal, jammu and other states of India.

Heroin addiction Treatment

Opioid which are used in cold and cough syrups in limited quantities now a days youths are taking Heroin a kind of opioid by increasing its prescribed dose from 15-25 percent which leads to drug addiction of opioid, here at new generation care we use lots of therapies and meditation techniques and defoliation for making youth de addicted to these drugs. So here at best nasha mukti Kendra in punajb, Haryana and himachal we are giving best de addiction treatment for Heroin

What is our network area?

Even though we are situated in Patiala, Punjab, we have a goal to assist as many people as we can both locally and nationally. Over the years, we have added additional cities in North India to our network of de-addiction centres to support this effort. Through this, we have created a network of Nasha Mukti Kendra where anyone who wants to receive assistance in recovering from addiction can do so.
Additionally, each location in our network is furnished with all the necessary amenities and infrastructure. Additionally, each of our centres has teams that share our enthusiasm.

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We are amongst the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab as our Centre Located in Hisar City with competitive Rates and Best in the Class Dedication Treatment and World Class Facilities, few other reasons are as follows

  • One of the best success rate in country

  • Air condition rooms are rvailable

  • World class facilities

  • Pick-up and drop facilities

  • 1 Hyginic meal-balance diet chart for every individual patients

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar check-up on ragular besis

  • Routine chek up by specilist doctor

  • Special therapies and treatment

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